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Saturday, March 6th, 2004
12:28 pm
have any of you ladies read the book "clit notes"? just wondering..i was thinking about purchasing it soon... also, does anyone have any book recommendations for me? my favorites are "cunt" by inga muscio, "slut" by leora Tanenbaum, "vagina monologues" by eve ensler, "the female eunuch" by germaine greer, and "the bust guide to the new girl order" by marcelle karp and debbie stoller. if anyone could suggest any other beautiful books, please DO tell me...thanks ladies!

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1:04 am
heres a piece of writing i took out of a good book entitled the bust guide to the new girl order. It's called "donts for boys" and is written by betty boob, miss mara, john-boy, jimmie C-A-Go-Go. Read this: it's excellent and i took the time to write it out in here so it MUST be good :)
i hope you guys like it. it's from one of my FAVORITE books so anyone who's close to me and or is female will love reading this..as well as any boys who want tips ;) just look at the starred ones...cause.....

i will star (*) the ones that i think are important! :)

in the beginning (before the relationship stage..aka the getting to know you phase)

- if you like me, ask me out. we're not in high school anymore. if i liked you, i'd ask you out.
*if we go on a first date, and it doesn't go well, dont bother with "i'll call you" leave gracefully.
-if we fuck on the first date, it doesn't mean i am waiting for an engagement ring to appear on the second date.
-sex out of the gate is tough stuff all the way around. thats a fact. maybe it was a mistake, maybe it was bliss, maybe it was the booze, but whatever it was, lets not ignore it. maybe we'll just be friends or maybe we'll never see eachother again but at least we'll know.
-dont use being drunk as an excuse for "accidentally" kissing me. if you kiss me, drunk or not, you have a BIG KISS to deal with.
*call me when you say you're going to call. because, otherwise, i will wait for you to call. and thats not nice.
*dont call me if you haven't gotten over your last girlfriend/boyfriend/mother. i'm not an understudy for psycho-romantic-drama
*dont lie. i am a professional - i can smell a lie a mile away. you see, i wrote the manual.
*dont play footsie over dinner and then behave like nothing has transpired. hello, have you not seen flashdance?
*dont tell my friends that you think i'm cool and special unless you mean it. remember the rule of telephone: you tell my friends, they tell me. i end up thinking you're cool and special. then, when you dont do anything i'll be forced to realize you're not.
- if you're bi, tell me up front. if you're confused about your sexuality, dont take it out on me or get me entangled in your web of confusion. plus, if i dig it, think of all the fun junk we could do together.
- dont monopolize the conversations with anecdotes about yourself (unless they're really funny). remember to chat. asking questions out of sincere interest is very attractive.
*dont use the i'm-not-ready-for-a-relationship excuse. cause then i'll think you're trying to get rid of me by relying on stale, uninspired stock phrases
-dont screen my calls. it's wierd, creepy, and lame
-do not pretend you like me in order to fuck me. if you want to f uck me, tell me. i can engage in sexual discourse without becoming emotionally attached. i can always use a boy toy.
*do not tell me that you want to spend the weekend with me and then call me at 10:30 on a thursday night to bail. or not call at all. i wont be devastated/emotionally crushed if you dont want to hang out. of course i will be dissapointed, but being blown off/dissed is much less damaging than not knowing and wondering why why why. the later is based on deception , which does not alllow for resolution of feelings. the former is based on honesty which demands closure.
*dont kiss and tell. but because i know you will, you slob. do me the favour of not degrading me. if you can remember to mention that i'm cool or funny or smart and that you're super lucky to even be telling your friend about my naked-action, you'll at least not be adding insult to the injury
*if we live in different cities, and we know we are attracted to eachother, dont get all huffy on me when i ask , "so when will you be in town again?"
*dont be afraid of falling in like with me just because i live in a different city. long distance romances have their advantages. sure it is hard to base your feelings on phone calls, but look at all the fun parts of a long distance romance: we dont have to see eachother all the time, it allows for complete exploitation of one's own sexual freedom, and dont forget the keyword in romance - anticipation.
*dont be afraid to fall in like with me, you big baby!

the relationship

- dont pester me with lame ass questions like where is this relationship going? a relationship is a dynamic and vital form of expression, not a bad plotline or two lost motorists.
(stop whining about taking a blood test, especially if you have had needles in your arms for recreational use. i need to e safe about my sex and i aint got time for your pre-me irresponsible behavior or your lame ass questions.
*if we get into a long distance romance, do not freak out when you ring me up at 3am my time and i am not there. i have a life too, but that does not mean i am out somewhere having sex with someone else.
-dont get all bent out of shape if i earn more money than you. it's either old school machismo or new school oversensitivity. just hang bud lunch is on me. Today.
-dont try to one up me. if my week was crazy, dont insist yours was crazier. if mine was fantastic, dont insist yours was fantastic-er. be supportive. that always works wonders.
-dont go on tour with your stupid band, on a boring business trip, or your annual family vay-kay and only call me when you feel like it.
-dont borrow my car to cheat on me. i dont want to make payments on the source of a painful memory
*dont tell me you were drunk and dont know how you ended up in some girls bed naked with a couple of used condoms strewn around.
-dont call me a jealous freak and thena ct all jealous when you see me cracking up with other boys.
*dont tell me you are having lunch with her so you wont hurt her feelings. you're not that nice, she's not that weak, and ~I~ am not that stupid.
*dont tell me in an exasperated tone that you have told her over and over again never to call. heres a thought: if you hang up, she wont call back!
*dont come home from a vacation with: hickeys on your neck, strange underwear in your suitcase, receipts from victorias secret, a box of condoms with a bunch missing, an unexpected rash, or scratches on your back.
- do come home from vacation lovesick for me with a big cool present and a bouncy hard on
-dont squeeze my juicy butt at parties to prove you own me. squeeze it at home to prove you want me, right now.
*dont forget to introduce me to your friends, unless you know i wont like him/her. in which case, hey, thanks!
-dont try to get the waitresses phone number while i'm at the table or wait til i go to the bathroom then immediately break up with me upon my return.
*dont show all the naked pictures you've taken of me to your loser friends.
*dont pretend you were out with the boys last night when i know for a fact that you weren't
-dont put your friends before me. it's me me me first first first. always.
*dont put my choice of friends down. remember, i never let them put you down, CLOWN!
-dont act like we never talked about going to the virgin isles together. i'm rarely given to complete delusion
-no carnations or single red roses. not that i want to be your personal emily post, but they're corny.
-dont order me diet food while i am in the bathroom. order me cake. something with chocolate fudge would be great
*dont tell me : not to get hysterical, not to overreact, that i am imagining things, that i am on the rat
*dont forget my birthday for god's sake
*do not raise your voice or it will only put me off and make me want to remain silent while you lose control of yourself, at which point you will not longer be in control - you'll just be wound up.
-please please please do not get possessive. nothing scares a girl off faster than a possessive partner. if i am having lunch with a colleague and bump into my ex lover at their office, it does not mean i stole a quickie in the bathroom while my colleague was getting her coat. please. this cannot be stressed enough. if i am with you, there is a reason. especially if i am no longer with him.


*do not ever fuck me, come inside me, and then say "i gotta go" 'cause if you do, YOU'D BETTER.
*do not fuck me on a sunday and not call me till wednesday. call me on monday. remember this little rhyme: sunday called monday in oneday
*morning breath is not a disease. we both have it, so get over it and kiss me when we wake up together
*dont touch all the good parts while i'm sleeping unless it's with intent to wake me up
-dont sniff my undies, it creeps me out
-dont keep telling me your parents wont hear us
*dont ask me to fuck your friends.
*your not ejaculating is a mystery to me and a source of extreme anxiety about my body, so if it happens, bear with me and help me realize that it's not because i am unattractive or unsexy
*dont ask me how many guys i've slept with
*dont ever try to have sex with me with your socks on. it makes me think of woody allen and richard nixon. and look at them.
*"dont touch" doesn't mean "wait touch"
*dont forget that foreplay means the play before and play is fun
*it's embaressing for both of us when the equipment doesn't work, but i still dont understand the mechanics of it all. i'll still like you if you 'splain stuff , so tell me.
*dont forget that my nipples are not detachable,, nor can they tune in tokyo
-dont get uptight if i want to masturbate. help or watch. it looks pretty cool
*dont ask me to count my orgasms after we do it.
***dont tellme how any of your old girlfriends "did anything" put that stupid shoe on the other foot and see how ugly it looks
-big boys be gentle
-dont tell me i'm cute when i'm trying to be sexy. pay attention.
*dont have sexx while you're answering the phone. get me?
*dont say "thanks it was fun"
-dont get lost in the mighty jungle. remember what dracula said? look into my eyes. ditto here. when you're going down on me, ook up. let me see your eyes, it'll turn me on more.
-the more the merrier, just remember to invite me.
*dont be intimidated by my vibrator
-kinky is good, scary is not
-bring me to a hoo-ha and i will be yours forever
-finger condoms help keep, um dirt from..collecting under your fingernails. invest (i dont understand this one. why would someone wear finger condoms when they're touching someone they care about? gimme a break.)
*dont use the following excuses to get out of spending the night with me: have to get up early, curfew, roomate may get lonely, must walk dog.
-dont tell me to go down on you first if you are planning to absolutely not go down on me.
-dont ask me to swallow anything you wouldn't swallow yourself.
*dont tell me that: condoms dont fit, condoms dont feel good, you're allergic.
*sex during my period? ask me if i'm in the mood. see what happens
-dont watch tv during sex unless it's porn
*dont ask me if you're the best. it's not a contest.
-dont tell me this wont hurt.
-dont tell me you can pull out on time.
(do not call me by any other womans name
*dont tell me i'm not wet enough like it's an insult
*dont ever ask me if my trip to the gynecologist is a turn on
*do not insist on videotaping our sexcapades. if you want to make me your fucking costar, ask me if i'd like the part
*if you can't come with a condom on, warn me. i may take it personally otherwise
*cuddling is an art form. master it.

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Saturday, February 14th, 2004
6:40 pm
just thought i would share since there is so much controversy(sp?) about it...i truly believe what it says..
Marriage is love.

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Wednesday, October 29th, 2003
9:19 am
What do you do when you don't like chicken & everything in the world tastes like chicken except for fish?
Thursday, October 23rd, 2003
1:17 pm
president bush opposes gay marriages...what an idiot...
go here to take the poll...
so far those fucking anti-same sex marriage people are winning the poll...
thats repulsive.

Wednesday, October 1st, 2003
8:59 am
melissa where did your journal go?
Tuesday, September 16th, 2003
4:57 pm
Shesh, is this thing even still alive?
Well, I told Sarah I'd write about smiling vaginas a while ago, but I'm only now getting around to it. Shame on me. I can barley remember the conversation now! It was something like...

Christina: The people at my school are ugly
Sarah: Ugly people make my vagina frown >:(
C: Good sex makes my vagina smile. I always tell Jessie that after but he hates it when I do
S: Why? Vaginas should be allowed to smile when they want!
C: Uhm... I probably said something stupid and not important enough to remember

The point of this post... Vaginas should be allowed to smile when they so choose! And... ugly people are bad for Sarah's vagina =(

Current Mood: geeky
Monday, August 11th, 2003
3:24 pm
i don't vehemently hate men anymore. i vehemently hate people.
Monday, August 4th, 2003
5:45 pm
vancouver has to be the worst city i have ever been to for getting hit on by older creepy men

at one point i'm awlking down teh street dressed in pants and a hoodie and some fucker tries to get me to go in his car
him "hey where are you going?"
me " down the street."
him " hop in i'll give you a ride"

at first i thought hey that car loks like sharpe's car , but for one i don't recall sharpie wearing glasses ( maybe he did) and also i knwo he did not have an accent

then everty time i walked down hastings or any street it was
" hey baby , you're so sexy ... blah blah blah we're all cracked out"

i mean fuck i'm fat and unattractive i thought that would ward off evil men . i guess not
Saturday, August 2nd, 2003
5:03 pm
I don't appreciate being mistaken for a hooker by a stupid taxi cab driver when i'm wearing fucking pants and a jacket and not showing any body parts whatever.
He is basing this on the following:
me being blonde
me wearing dark eyemakeup and dark red lipstick

He can go fuck himself. Already, I am more educated than him...and I'm not even 21 yet...he's like 35 or 40.

He'll be driving people around for the rest of his life.
Tuesday, July 15th, 2003
4:18 pm
why does he have to be such an idiot...?
okay...so i'm talking with my ex boyfriend about how he couldn't get into three of his psychology related classes because they were so full...so i'm like "yeah psychology is trendy these days"...which has a lot to do with what we were talking about because all his psychology classes were full....and he's like "is nursing?" (obviously to try to dis me, but i didn't realize it right away) and i'm like "well apparently not because they're really short of nurses" and i'm like "why, do you want to go into nursing?" and he's like "no, of course not. i would never". Like, what the fuck kind of thing is that to say? He's totally looking down on me for being in nursing...what kind of loser is he anyways? Oh, and then right after I quote that he said "of course not i would never" he says "ttyl"....he's such a loser in that way....he'll say something rude and then he'll leave before i can say anything back..this time i got something in...
But seriously..this is how this guy works...no matter what we're talking about, especially if he's hardcore insulting me or something he'll say something and then he'll quickly go to "appear offline" and then he'll type a message as equally rude as his last one in word perfect or something, copy it, quickly come online and paste it in a message to me and then hurry up and go to appear offline again before i can defend myself or come back with a come-back. See, I know this because he's usually on for a second and it certainly doesn't take a second to type all that he types to me so he literally makes a draft first. Fucking LOSER. I've talked to him about this several times. I'm like "kevin, seriously...this is fucking childish...it's like you love to dish it out and you make it impossible for me to defend myself or come back with something like you can't take it" He says sorry and that he wont do it again and then every time we get into an argument or a little spat, he does the same pathetic, moronic, childish thing. What a fucking idiot. He pisses me off so much. GRRRR

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4:07 am
hey girls!
this is a new community just for us girls to rant and bitch and moan about things that piss us off and to tell stories and such about things that make us smile :)

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