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why does he have to be such an idiot...? i'm talking with my ex boyfriend about how he couldn't get into three of his psychology related classes because they were so i'm like "yeah psychology is trendy these days"...which has a lot to do with what we were talking about because all his psychology classes were full....and he's like "is nursing?" (obviously to try to dis me, but i didn't realize it right away) and i'm like "well apparently not because they're really short of nurses" and i'm like "why, do you want to go into nursing?" and he's like "no, of course not. i would never". Like, what the fuck kind of thing is that to say? He's totally looking down on me for being in nursing...what kind of loser is he anyways? Oh, and then right after I quote that he said "of course not i would never" he says "ttyl"....he's such a loser in that way....he'll say something rude and then he'll leave before i can say anything back..this time i got something in...
But seriously..this is how this guy matter what we're talking about, especially if he's hardcore insulting me or something he'll say something and then he'll quickly go to "appear offline" and then he'll type a message as equally rude as his last one in word perfect or something, copy it, quickly come online and paste it in a message to me and then hurry up and go to appear offline again before i can defend myself or come back with a come-back. See, I know this because he's usually on for a second and it certainly doesn't take a second to type all that he types to me so he literally makes a draft first. Fucking LOSER. I've talked to him about this several times. I'm like "kevin, seriously...this is fucking's like you love to dish it out and you make it impossible for me to defend myself or come back with something like you can't take it" He says sorry and that he wont do it again and then every time we get into an argument or a little spat, he does the same pathetic, moronic, childish thing. What a fucking idiot. He pisses me off so much. GRRRR
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